Lukas Storyteller is a 3D Animated Children's Television Series. Maliarts was charged with bringing the animation to life, where we would receive a script, storyboards and the voice record at the Kick Off for each episode. Our pipeline then carried us through to Final Render over a two month schedule per episode, each episode is 12 minutes. You can watch Lukas Storyteller now on iTunes.
A huge part of the series success owes to the talent involved. From planning to illustration to animation to music, each person in the crew was of the highest level. Made in Mexico, with people who have worked all over the world, who put their passion and heart into this project, creating a product that honestly, people are surprised when they learn it is Mexican series.

Juan Carlos Carredano, Director and Creator.
CCC of America.
Enfoque Noticias, Mexico.

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